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Emergency Outdoor Bleeding Control Cabinet


Steel, Outdoor, Wall Mounted, Bleeding Control Cabinet with Remote Control Alarm 

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Steel, Outdoor , Wall Mounted, Bleeding Control Cabinet 

IP66 Rated for Outdoor Use

Maine Grade Combination Lock – Can also be left unlocked

Highly visible front graphics and Side Graphics

Remote Control Alarm – Alarm will Sound when the Cabinet is Opened.

No power required, can be installed anywhere. Alarm operates on a 9V Battery

Ventilated cabinet to prevent condensation

Various mount options (pole / post mount, fence mount, wall mount, etc)

Hi Impact Steel – Heavy Gauge

After a major injury or trauma either in a public area or in a workplace, it is critical to Control The Bleed until the Ambulance Service can take over and help the patient. In most cases, the Ambulance will not arrive before the patient has lost a critical amount of blood, it is therefore essential the public intervene to Control The Bleed. In doing so you could save a life.

Major injuries can happen in all environments, from Road Traffic Collisions, in home accidents and workplace machinery to assaults with weapons. The Bleed Control Kits can handle the most testing of incidents including full amputations. Access to these is paramount however. Our Bleeding Control cabinets give the public and Employees immediate access to lifesaving bleeding control kits.


 440(h) x 440(w) x 190(d)mm